Social Media week 2013

Trust Social Media Week to come during the week of two of our latest site launches. Amid content upload for Chavin jewellery and final programming tweaks for Freesat TV, we tubed, bussed and cycled out mid-week to absorb the latest in social media developments. We sat through advertising updates, entertained ourselves with divided opinion, travel insights, got inspired by entrepreneurs, start-ups and industry leaders, and delighted ourselves with treats from Rinkoff’s bakery… there wasn’t any cake to our knowledge.

SMWPopUp Rinkoffs SMWWhatsNext

We only made it to five talks this year. PRCo managed a few here and there (you can read their summary here), and if you are after the low-down on the below, just click to get a deeper insight into the digital trends and insights we picked up on across the capital.

#SMWWhatsNext: Find out what is in the digital pipeline.

#SMWPopUp: The latest on Facebook, YouTube and Google+

#SMWdigitaltrends: Hotwire’s round-up of the digital forecast.

#SMWInstatravel: “Use Instagram as your Guide to the World?”.

Posted on October 9, 2013 in Social Media

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