Grand Harbour Hotel: a Maritime Adventure

More often than not, clients come to us with tight deadlines. Grand Harbour Hotel came to us with a completely non-negotiable deadline. Released from the De Vere Group earlier this year, the hotel had the rare opportunity to re-brand itself and set sail on its own maiden voyage, but the window of opportunity for this re-brand was narrow. We came ‘on board’ to help with the job.

GrandHarbourHotel_Phase1Whilst we like to tailor our work to each client, we were approached based on our work for the Eton Collection. Enthusiastic about the website and hoping to achieve a similar feel and image-led design we were asked to adopt this template. Given the time frame, we launched a temporary site to help the hotel through the transition phase, boosted with invaluable advice from Occupancy Marketing. Once the transition was complete, we brainstormed how to bring the site into its next phase.



Keen to capitalise on Southampton’s traditional cruising market, we went next for a maritime theme. With the new hotel management hoping to focus on a more intuitive user experience for its visitors and guests, we introduced a new template which brought a variety of highlights and offers to the fore. We also made the site responsive so that it would work on all devices. With new customer-focused additions such as D&G Media’s Cruising Timetable, feedback forms, a customisable booking/mobile booking engine, and a tighter page structure, the new Grand Harbour became more closely linked to glamorous cruising heritage than ever.


Posted on December 30, 2013 in Case Studies, Website Launch

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