How to build a website in a day. JohnHenry style.

The last year at JohnHenry was a busy one. Busy in a good way, but with exciting new accounts coming in we gradually realised that we had precious little time for ourselves. God forbid someone went to look at our site and judged us on it!

Fond as we were of watching Lewis and John bee keeping, you could pretty much guarantee that all we’d do is shudder at the thought of


We positioned ourselves as developers and designers of the highest calibre, yet our site barely reflected our capabilities. Did we have time to do anything about it? Absolutely not. We posted on the blog from time to time, but there was little incentive to navigate through to the blog. The team pages looked better on our partner site,, than on our own. Something had to change. And so, we picked a day…

Until a couple of months ago, I did not realise that any term with the word ‘hack’ in it could be a good thing. And yet ‘hack’ was what we did. On bonfire night. 13 hours of manic rush, a 13-strong team, 4 meals in the office, 5 late night pizzas and a bottle of vodka, and our new website went live.

The best ideas come when you least expect them. This one was no exception. Build a site in one day? Well, call us crazy, but we pulled it out of the bag.

Posted on January 6, 2014 in Fun, Life at JohnHenry, Web design, Website Launch

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