Giuseppe Romagnuolo

Giuseppe Romagnuolo

Technical Director


Giuseppe joined JohnHenry in March 2006. Having grown up in Italy, he started playing with Pascal and Logo programming languages at an early age. He studied Philosophy and Psychology at university in Rome and computer programming in Sydney, Australia. As JohnHenry’s technical director, Giuseppe gives particular importance to software quality, team cohesion and long term vision. When not at work you may find him swimming in one of the many lidos in London or riding the countryside with his motorbike or eating out with friends. Giuseppe is currently learning Japanese.

Quick Fire:

Hometown? Naples, Italy.
Desk location? Last year: Chiba, Japan. This year, the office.
JH Superhero name? My daughter, Sydney (small and noisy)
Childhood ambition? Build a talking car like KITT in Knight Rider
Toastie flavour? Mozzarella, Tomato and basil (Caprese)
Skills? Pedalling through the night for 58 Km, standing!
Favourite project? The ITV Media website which has brought us to Willow (our content management system)

Response (1)

  1. lewis
    January 19, 2014 at 8:14 am · Reply

    Photo looks good Giuseppe. We need to plan the next long distance bike/run!

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