Lewis Orr

Managing Director

Lewis Orr
Lewis joined JohnHenry in 2000 after a misunderstanding with Henry in Frankfurt involving a stolen bicycle and some beer. Having schooled in Edinburgh and studied History of Art at University, JohnHenry has been the perfect environment in which to show off the merits of an expensive Scottish education. Building a friendly, stimulating workplace and long term client relationships has been the focus of his tenure.

Quick Fire:

Hometown? Edinburgh

Desk location? London, Monmouth and Dubai

JH Superhero name? I will never reveal my identity

Childhood ambition? Run a sub 4 minute mile

Toastie flavour? Grilled Aubergine, Ham and Cheese

Skills? Talking about websites and running (sometimes at the same time)

Favourite memory/project at JohnHenry? Always the latest one


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