Jet-setting JohnHenry: Virtual Office Working

Our Managing Director at JohnHenry made quite a statement earlier this year when he declared that we don’t work from London anymore. We now work from a ‘virtual office’ a.k.a ‘the cloud’. This doesn’t mean we don’t turn up to work anymore, or that we function in a JohnHenry version of The Matrix. It is…

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Hotel lookers to bookers: Interview with CEO of Trust International

We caught up with Trust’s CEO Richard Wiegman to see what features a booking engine needs to stay ahead of the digital curve.

How to spring clean a website:

There are 30 Six Senses Resorts and Spas in total. Each distinct and unique. Each with their own destination, accommodation, restaurants, activities, experiences, experts, offers and environment policies. An overwhelming avalanche of information. And we had two months to rework it all into a brand new Six Senses site. The previous Six Senses site (below),…

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JohnHenry’s Google+ revolution

“I’m a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other”. Words of wisdom from the business magnate himself, Mr Bill Gates. We’re big fans of his outlook here at JohnHenry. We know that the success of any project is as much down…

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JohnHenry through objects: #3 The Harlem Shake

We felt it was time we put the random objects of JohnHenry to good use… JohnHenry through objects: #2 Flat Eric JohnHenry through objects: #1 3D Logo

The ITV re-brand: a Midnight Feast

At JohnHenry, we enjoy a challenge. So when ITV, a longstanding client of ours, decided on an iconic re-brand, one which would involve seven new sites across both ITV Media and ITV Studios, in five languages, covering over 10,000 pages and over 1,000 videos, we decided we’d better roll up our sleeves. To me, ITV meant…

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JohnHenry through objects: #2 Flat Eric

And so we continue our series of posts digging up the interesting past of John Henry through its collection of  weird and wonderful objects. If you want to know why we’re doing this, check out our first post. So back in 1999 we were given a client brief that looked like this: And yes, if you’re wondering,…

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The Eton Collection: Website makeover in three steps

2013 is the year for big statements online. According to a new survey, 85% of luxury brands will be increasing digital marketing spend this year. As more and more brands flood the web – you have to stand out to survive. Fortunately, with the fast moving world of web design there are plenty of opportunities…

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The luxuries of responsive web design

Luxury items are made to last. Take a Barbour jacket – it is designed to withstand the decades; it’s fabric crafted to resist wear and tear and cope with different environments whether it’s bundled up in a small bag, opened to shield you from the wind, or zipped up against the rain. It does the…

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How to win with video

‘Video is king’. How much have you heard that phrase in the last few years? Well, the main fact is: you don’t get far without it in this industry. Let’s hit you with a few stats. A massive 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Last year, that amounted to 1 trillion…

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