Does your luxury brand need a microsite?

What does a site about a man dancing in a chicken costume have in common with a site about luxury brand Mulberry’s take on Britain? Well, they are both a ‘microsite’. And that means they have surprisingly more in common than you might think. Defined as an individual web page or cluster of pages serving…

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10 Tricks For Generating Twitter Content

Between JohnHenry and our sister company PRCoUK we manage a wide variety of Twitter accounts across our clients. That’s not to mention our own company channels and the PRCo employee’s personal PRCo Twitter accounts. This means on a daily basis we need to be able to pinpoint interesting, relevant and fresh travel content quickly, easily and around our busy…

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Hotel Imagery and Your Brand’s Story

What kind of photographs would make you want to stay at a hotel? Clear, to-the-point pictures displaying the hotel and its grounds? Or pictures of experiences? Natural shots of people using and enjoying the hotel? The first option does a nice, efficient job of showing off your hotel. But the second goes a step further. Pictures…

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The Socialympics

Like so many people, I have been inspired by the London Olympics this year. I follow few sports other than tennis, but have found the surge in interest over the past few weeks contagious from day 1. And what a few weeks they have been. A few people I know have compared the 2012 events…

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Technology: Looking Forward

When it comes to digital media, forward-thinking is a must. Be it predicting consumer trends in the world of luxury travel and hospitality, building flexible web systems to best accommodate these needs in the long-term, or spotting new opportunities and gaps in the market, creative ideas are key to stand out in a crowded market…

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Case Study: SK Chase

In a nation that was predicted to spend £880 million on Valentine’s Day this year, it is interesting to see that 53% of women claim they would end their relationship if their partners failed to impress. Chocolate, flowers and cards claim a significant share of this figure (in that order!), however, the old ‘Innovate or…

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Out with the old, in with the new

We thought we’d share Google’s fantastic round-up of 2011 as we look forward to the year ahead and all that 2012 has in store. For regular updates on what we’re up to, why not join us on Google+?

Re-launch of The Beaufort

After almost 5 years working with, The Beaufort – a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Knightsbridge decided to revamp their website. Their new website will encapsulate a traditional hotel website look and feel, with a bit of a twist… If you would like to find out more, visit, new website will…

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Pearl Island – digital PR campaign in collaboration with PRCo

As the third largest Island in Las Perlas Archipelago, Pearl Island, (Geographically named Isla Pedro Gonzalez), is only 45 nautical miles south of Panama City, an easy approach from nearly any part of the world. Its ideal geographical location also benefits from a constant tropical climate outside the hurricane zone. So what is the project…

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