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A year to be proud of at

So, here we are again. It’s the 31st of December and we’ve seen all the social media networks pull together their round-ups of the top moments of 2014. Trumping them all however was Google. It seemed very fitting that, in a year where the algorithms finally began to favour the user, their retrospective glance at…

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Grand Harbour Hotel: a Maritime Adventure

More often than not, clients come to us with tight deadlines. Grand Harbour Hotel came to us with a completely non-negotiable deadline. Released from the De Vere Group earlier this year, the hotel had the rare opportunity to re-brand itself and set sail on its own maiden voyage, but the window of opportunity for this re-brand was…

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The ITV re-brand: a Midnight Feast

At JohnHenry, we enjoy a challenge. So when ITV, a longstanding client of ours, decided on an iconic re-brand, one which would involve seven new sites across both ITV Media and ITV Studios, in five languages, covering over 10,000 pages and over 1,000 videos, we decided we’d better roll up our sleeves. To me, ITV meant…

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The Eton Collection: Website makeover in three steps

2013 is the year for big statements online. According to a new survey, 85% of luxury brands will be increasing digital marketing spend this year. As more and more brands flood the web – you have to stand out to survive. Fortunately, with the fast moving world of web design there are plenty of opportunities…

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Hotel Imagery and Your Brand’s Story

What kind of photographs would make you want to stay at a hotel? Clear, to-the-point pictures displaying the hotel and its grounds? Or pictures of experiences? Natural shots of people using and enjoying the hotel? The first option does a nice, efficient job of showing off your hotel. But the second goes a step further. Pictures…

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Case Study: SK Chase

In a nation that was predicted to spend £880 million on Valentine’s Day this year, it is interesting to see that 53% of women claim they would end their relationship if their partners failed to impress. Chocolate, flowers and cards claim a significant share of this figure (in that order!), however, the old ‘Innovate or…

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