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A few Digital Trends for 2014

Last week seemed to be the week of the breakfast meeting. If you get to go somewhere trendy for a media meeting, ok. Arrive at work early to ultimately make your week run more smoothly? I can settle for that too. Get to the Institute for Contemporary Art to talk digital trends in 2014? Well,…

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The Socialympics

Like so many people, I have been inspired by the London Olympics this year. I follow few sports other than tennis, but have found the surge in interest over the past few weeks contagious from day 1. And what a few weeks they have been. A few people I know have compared the 2012 events…

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Google +1 ?..

Google +1 is here! It essentially adds a social feature to Google’s search service – allowing users to recommend a site to other friends. These recommendations will then be relayed to friends via Gmail, Google reader and eventually, Twitter. Granted, it looks an awful lot like a riposte to Facebooks popular ‘like’ button. There is…

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