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How to win with video

‘Video is king’. How much have you heard that phrase in the last few years? Well, the main fact is: you don’t get far without it in this industry. Let’s hit you with a few stats. A massive 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Last year, that amounted to 1 trillion…

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The Socialympics

Like so many people, I have been inspired by the London Olympics this year. I follow few sports other than tennis, but have found the surge in interest over the past few weeks contagious from day 1. And what a few weeks they have been. A few people I know have compared the 2012 events…

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Technology: Looking Forward

When it comes to digital media, forward-thinking is a must. Be it predicting consumer trends in the world of luxury travel and hospitality, building flexible web systems to best accommodate these needs in the long-term, or spotting new opportunities and gaps in the market, creative ideas are key to stand out in a crowded market…

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Out with the old, in with the new

We thought we’d share Google’s fantastic round-up of 2011 as we look forward to the year ahead and all that 2012 has in store. For regular updates on what we’re up to, why not join us on Google+?

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