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Your 2014 Web Design Checklist

Websites are living, breathing organisms that need to be given regular check-ups. The New Year is the perfect time to give them a cleanse and detox, hone them them back into shape and trim away those split ends. Just imagine that scene from Miss Congeniality where Sandra Bullock goes from a tired, unpolished police officer…

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Language of Luxury: Interview with Journalist Sophy Roberts

Bespoke. Paradise. Breathtaking views. Hidden Gem. Exclusive. Cutting-edge facilities. If you’re familiar with the luxury travel sector you’re probably familiar with these phrases. You’ll find them, along with other overused expressions, clogging up hotel brochures or gathering dust among the pages of luxury travel websites. When a hotel website is renovated we often see a…

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Jet-setting JohnHenry: Virtual Office Working

Our Managing Director at JohnHenry made quite a statement earlier this year when he declared that we don’t work from London anymore. We now work from a ‘virtual office’ a.k.a ‘the cloud’. This doesn’t mean we don’t turn up to work anymore, or that we function in a JohnHenry version of The Matrix. It is…

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JohnHenry’s Google+ revolution

“I’m a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other”. Words of wisdom from the business magnate himself, Mr Bill Gates. We’re big fans of his outlook here at JohnHenry. We know that the success of any project is as much down…

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JohnHenry through objects: #3 The Harlem Shake

We felt it was time we put the random objects of JohnHenry to good use… JohnHenry through objects: #2 Flat Eric JohnHenry through objects: #1 3D Logo

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