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Language of Luxury: Interview with Journalist Sophy Roberts

Bespoke. Paradise. Breathtaking views. Hidden Gem. Exclusive. Cutting-edge facilities. If you’re familiar with the luxury travel sector you’re probably familiar with these phrases. You’ll find them, along with other overused expressions, clogging up hotel brochures or gathering dust among the pages of luxury travel websites. When a hotel website is renovated we often see a…

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The Eton Collection: Website makeover in three steps

2013 is the year for big statements online. According to a new survey, 85% of luxury brands will be increasing digital marketing spend this year. As more and more brands flood the web – you have to stand out to survive. Fortunately, with the fast moving world of web design there are plenty of opportunities…

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The luxuries of responsive web design

Luxury items are made to last. Take a Barbour jacket – it is designed to withstand the decades; it’s fabric crafted to resist wear and tear and cope with different environments whether it’s bundled up in a small bag, opened to shield you from the wind, or zipped up against the rain. It does the…

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