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A few Digital Trends for 2014

Last week seemed to be the week of the breakfast meeting. If you get to go somewhere trendy for a media meeting, ok. Arrive at work early to ultimately make your week run more smoothly? I can settle for that too. Get to the Institute for Contemporary Art to talk digital trends in 2014? Well,…

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Travel Gets Responsive

With unprecedented growth in mobile use this year, there is no denying that we now live life from the palm of our hands. For the first time ever, mobile activity has surpassed desktop time, yet people don’t reach for their phones quite so quickly abroad, the one place you really do need information on the…

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Technology: Looking Forward

When it comes to digital media, forward-thinking is a must. Be it predicting consumer trends in the world of luxury travel and hospitality, building flexible web systems to best accommodate these needs in the long-term, or spotting new opportunities and gaps in the market, creative ideas are key to stand out in a crowded market…

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