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Grand Harbour Hotel: a Maritime Adventure

More often than not, clients come to us with tight deadlines. Grand Harbour Hotel came to us with a completely non-negotiable deadline. Released from the De Vere Group earlier this year, the hotel had the rare opportunity to re-brand itself and set sail on its own maiden voyage, but the window of opportunity for this re-brand was…

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Travel Gets Responsive

With unprecedented growth in mobile use this year, there is no denying that we now live life from the palm of our hands. For the first time ever, mobile activity has surpassed desktop time, yet people don’t reach for their phones quite so quickly abroad, the one place you really do need information on the…

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The luxuries of responsive web design

Luxury items are made to last. Take a Barbour jacket – it is designed to withstand the decades; it’s fabric crafted to resist wear and tear and cope with different environments whether it’s bundled up in a small bag, opened to shield you from the wind, or zipped up against the rain. It does the…

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