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Language of Luxury: Interview with Journalist Sophy Roberts

Bespoke. Paradise. Breathtaking views. Hidden Gem. Exclusive. Cutting-edge facilities. If you’re familiar with the luxury travel sector you’re probably familiar with these phrases. You’ll find them, along with other overused expressions, clogging up hotel brochures or gathering dust among the pages of luxury travel websites. When a hotel website is renovated we often see a…

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The luxuries of responsive web design

Luxury items are made to last. Take a Barbour jacket – it is designed to withstand the decades; it’s fabric crafted to resist wear and tear and cope with different environments whether it’s bundled up in a small bag, opened to shield you from the wind, or zipped up against the rain. It does the…

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Does your luxury brand need a microsite?

What does a site about a man dancing in a chicken costume have in common with a site about luxury brand Mulberry’s take on Britain? Well, they are both a ‘microsite’. And that means they have surprisingly more in common than you might think. Defined as an individual web page or cluster of pages serving…

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10 Tricks For Generating Twitter Content

Between JohnHenry and our sister company PRCoUK we manage a wide variety of Twitter accounts across our clients. That’s not to mention our own company channels and the PRCo employee’s personal PRCo Twitter accounts. This means on a daily basis we need to be able to pinpoint interesting, relevant and fresh travel content quickly, easily and around our busy…

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